Discover Milos

Milos is one of the jewels of Aegean Pelagos and one of the islands with the most impressive shots in the Cyclades and beyond. Visitors are amazed by the volcanic morphology of the island and its dreamy white beauty. Every bit, every alley, every village and every beach stands proudly for their uniqueness. If you are in Milos it is worth visiting the following beaches:

Kleftiko:  One of the most famous beaches in Milos. The volcanic white rocks that you will see in the sea and the endless blue will impress you. Myths say that in the years of piracy, Kleftiko was used as a base and as a shelter from the bad weather.

Sarakiniko: At Sarakiniko beach you will not find a sandy beach but an area of ​​white rocks. The white color in combination with the turquoise color of the sea make it one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

Fyropotamos: Swim in the blue waters of Fyropotamos, while you are surrounded by the colorful houses and the historic area above them.

Fyriplaka: Fyriplaka is a large beach with white sand and crystal clear waters. The beach is divided into two parts by a rock. On the right side the beach is organized. The left side is for relaxing and calm moments. The choice is yours!

Tsigrado: One of the hidden beaches of the island, as if you would like to get there, you have to go down a staircase that connects the rocks with the beach. The descent is easier by using a rope that is placed for the safety of the visitors.

Agia Kyriaki: The length of Agia Kyriaki beach reaches 600 meters. What is surprising about this beach is that in its sand you will find various ancient vessels buried. On windy days it is ideal for water sports.

Paleochori: About 10 km from the center of the island, Adamas, Paleochori is also a volcanic beach with reddish rocks surrounding it.

Papafragas: A beach with a small but beautiful sandy beach. It is said that it was used as a base by pirates, just like Kleftiko. If you visit it, it is worth getting to know the prehistoric settlement of Fylakopi which is located there.

Provatas: The shallowness of its waters makes it an ideal beach for children. Its sandy beach is golden-red and accessible by car.

Gerontas: A special beach surrounded by high cliffs. It has a natural bridge, which connects the land with the rock, which is located a few meters from the beach, in the sea. The access to Gerontas beach is mainly by boat.

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